The starry Galileo with his woes

400 years ago, he took out his tube, raised it to the sky, and discovered unknown worlds.

" that which will excite the greatest astonishment by far, is this,
namely, that I have discovered four planets, neither known nor observed
by any one of the astronomers before my time, which have their orbits round
a certain bright star, one of those previously known, like Venus and Mercury
round the Sun, and are sometimes in front of it, sometimes behind it, though
they never depart from it beyond certain limits. "

Now his decedent faces a screen and types - less romantic, Yes. A few typed keys and we have images, but of spaces so far our old sage could never dream.

Go outside - the blackness of most space pictures is in reality profound territories, but with just no suns there to give us light. So what we see on screen as black is in reality a mysterious bounty of free land which light cannot penetrate, and whose contents we are left unawares.

Forget this, today we can stop for a little while to consider the knowledge gained since two men last made their final breathes on our earthly abode - one galileo and mr kepler. Now we can celebrate too the sky - that bounty of the deep which is the world surrounding our world.

Glance at that picture above. Yes, a still piece of shit, but no, it's actually there, that is 2dimension hodge podge, recorded light from an instant of time, but it's there, this huge massive thing with acid rain. Where are the clubs and beers, football and high life pong parties in contemplation of these worlds? How feeble our miseries, our desires, our aspirations and ideas when we are confronted in time with the sand grain of our position. Take a deep breath and relax and think, we are a world within a world.