The Air

Watch @ 2:13 and listen.

Fire - a property of the air? Trees - they grow from the air? Digestion - needs to happen with help of the air?

Yes, all three are true. Why is it that people die when they lack oxygen? The reason is because that oxygen is what's needed to get the energy from the carbons we consume. (see note at the bottom) We also only have blood because the oxygen cannot freely diffuse to all our organs and cells, it must have some sort of transporter - a la the red blood cell - to get it there. So the air deals with why we eat, why we die, how trees grow, etc. etc. It's also why fire exists - turn up the percentage of oxygen in the air, and bam, fire goes ablaze!

Who knew the air had such mysteries?

how food only works if it's accompanied with oxygen, and one of the most amazing, ingenious, God-Like ideas ever discovered in the history of man.

Those live beings we call nerve cells need ATP (it's an adenosine molecule with three phosphates) to carry out their actions, things like '2nd messengers' (little guys who work with enzymes in the nerve cell) come to life only when they get their extra phosphate. Their energy, they're Clif Bars so to speak, is that extra phosphate group. The extra phosphate leads to 'confirmational changes' which 'activate' the protein - what it really does is bump into the protein and cause a shape change. (shape is function in biology (some argue)). Nevertheless, without oxygen, no new phosphates can be added - no currency - big trouble. This is what a stroke is. The person has some sort of clot, oxygen isn't being taken up to the nerve cells in the brain, and these cells with their internal workings are left without any new ATP. (the ATP windmill needs power) Within minutes some nerve cells commit cell suicide, and some of these cells are responsible for memory, motor function, etc, etc. If the time without oxygen keeps going, eventually the organs will fail, and the person will die - hence why lack of oxygen kills you. (You now know more about why people die from lack of air than 99.5% of the human raceI guarantee you most doctors do not even know blood exists only because oxygen cannot freeley diffuse through the skin. It's also pretty neat because it's why Nature created the Lung machinery) So if phosphates are the cell food - Where do you get the phosphates?

Ah dear friend, they are there, a pool of phoshates flood the cell - what attaches them back is a motor. Well what turns the motor? Here we go! - What turns the motor is a proton flood, sort of like a man going down a river in a raft. Basically as the electrons from carbon work their way to oxygen - the electron raft runs into carriers, and pushes protons into another compartment - it's ingenious! That protons pushed eventually get croweded, and work their way into a less pressured environment through a hole, which pushes part of the ATP windmill, which then adds the phosphate back on. This is probably one of the most amazing, ingenious, God-Like ideas ever discovered in the history of man.

Now, think what that means!
Since we consume carbons (carbohydrates) so their electrons can be passed to the oxygen we breath, and the byproduct is this spinning wheel so the cell can get it's phosphates, it's almost like we humans are tricked! These cells need cell food - they need clif bar phosphates - carbohydrates are not necessary. You could, if you found a way to get some electron dense material, get that motor (called ATP synthase) to turn and add phosphates to ADP in cells.
Again, this means Mother Nature is staring at you in the face, saying quite frankly:
"Look, food is just something made up - it doesn't even make sense. You put some material in a hole in your mouth, and it comes out the other end. It doesn't make sense. Why this works is because this is the 'money' which powers the cell windmill, so they, overseers of human will, can have their own food - phosphates. We are tools, sight see'ers on the cell voyage, while they sail. We were born conscious at the cell machinery's births, and shall die when the cell machinery then fails."

The following is a video on the windmill - it's in mitochondria - hence the introduction.