A challenge to this wretchid condition

Reader, followers, hearers of my oratory, I wish to proclaim a challenge to you all, in light of this wretchid conidition. The challenge is to, when looking at the world around us, find mathematical notation and numbers - to see numbers in every star, equations in every calm, patterns in every wind, and theorems in every storm.

The winner will be greeted with undue praise and all contestants must write about what they have discovered under the comment section for this post. My firt entry is below. See comments;


  1. Reader, I am this very instant drinking a glass of wine. You must imagine it happening, while I can simply watch it happen now. As I sip my glass, invisible molecules which form a red liquod when in army numbers, go down my throat. I have a little taste sensation and then my memory recedes of this very act. However, imagine all that is happening now!
    Yes, the molecule are now in my esophagus, charging their way like race cars down into my stomach, and yes, eventually one, like a common Mario Andretti, has gotten into my blood stream. Without a pit crew, he weaves around my red blood cells, and works his way north into the final lap- where a garden of nerve cells greets victory lane. Ah yes, where should he go? Alas! A leakage potassium channel, perfect size to park at! And yes, look what happens to me dear reader! There is an equation permeating my very existence! The length of this molecules stay, along with his friends and counterparts ‘parking’ at other leakage channels, will cause loss of memory. We have yet to discover an equation for how many must exist and block these said channels for memory to vanish (But they cause a leak in the said channels, owned by the corporation called ‘Glutamatergic nerve cells’ whose primary corporate partners are hippocampal neurons. The result is deficient action potentials, which are the benefactors of LTP – long term potentiation) – so dear reader, these molecules have an equation, whose consequence is the vanish of memory – all locked behind that common mystery ‘why is it when I drink I forget the shit that happened?’

    Ah yes but there is more. I have been fibbing. Beneath my feet I see my dog – mag pie. (Maggie is her name). Again, you must imagine this situation, but it is the reality of this moment locked in time). Maggie is asleep because she is feeling the accumulation of adenosine molecules – poor girl. But ah, yes, these molecules crowd her brain stem – they have accumulated and been there for the past 24 hours. Behind the veil of this mystery of nature is an equation – an equation for adenosine and sleep duration. I know it not, but it’s there.

  2. You can keep going. Reader, my father was just speaking to me about the world cup, while I typed this very post. I did not catch what he was saying – as the ‘trophy of this posts challenge to see numbers in everything’ would not let me listen. While he was speaking, (vibrating the air molecules which bounce continually, until at last one near my ear drum vibrated at a rate which spoke to nerve cells and allowed me to decode his voice) – he was doing something quite common – he was pouring a coke.
    Now think of that coke! The very excitement of that coke!
    Yes reader, below me now, thousands of millions north west (for I am upside down now as the earth whirls and everyone is glued to this planet) is the center of the earth – packed with an iron core. Ah yes, the mystery of iron at the earth’s core, causes the wonderful v = 32t (or a = 32 or s = 16t squared) – the wonderful and beautiful integration and derivation of the gravitational formula. So while I sit here now and type, numbers pervade my fathers glass.

    And part of the excitement reader, if you so choose to consider it, is there’s no need to notice any of it. Nature has given us the ability to stand, walk, and pursue – to achieve fame and fortune – to propagate our dna – and we do not need to notice her mechanisms and how she operates for us to carry out our simple experiences. How much more fun we can have in this brief sojorn if we stop and consider it! – but this is for you to decide dear reader, if it is something worth your time to do. It is just for fun, but so fun it’s orgasmic!