Tomorrow, we may have a quiz in regards to guestimating square root functions (square root of 26 for example). You just use the equation for a tangent line for the square root function ( 1/2 root x as the slope - and then plugin y - 5 = m (x - whatever)... for 26.. you use 25 because you know the square root is 5.. do y - 5 = m (26-25).. and m is like 1 /10th.. so basically the guess is the square root of 26 is about 5 and 1/10th or so.. which is reasonable. So it's a nifty way to do it. There's going to be more on the quiz, it's our 7th, but I'll that up later. The latest section covers concavity.. telling whether a function is increasing or decreasing at x values.. just via being given a function.. f(x) = 5x^4 + 3x^2 + 4.. and via tricks determine where it increases/decreases/inflects/etc.

We had our midterm last Friday, and I'll see how I did on it next time. I was ready when I took it, so hopefully not so bad.Now that was that for starters, give me a second and my next post will be more fun.

Below is just something aesthetically pleasing I found, how the wiggle of the cosine function looks, and basically making stones out of it and building it high makes humans gasp in awe. check it

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