Newsbreak - threat of 2 ringed compound to attack plants this fall!

Many years ago today Scientists discovered a molecule that is threatening to collapse human civilization. This fall it may persist in incredible numbers again - scientists even suggest people are eating them at fast food chains now and others will sit outside their backyard and watch this molecule invest their trees while they look on with pleasure

"It's an attack by rings and Wiggles" said Professor Hensley of Cambridge University. "Basically this guy will grow ring structures to the side of him. Here he is initially - now he's really alive and jiggling and wiggling - so this 2d picture with grey is crap. But look at the bottom, thats what happened with time - he gets these 'ring things' and they close off. Now watch what this means though. "

Hensley continued. "The idea is the molecule at the top is scattered on tomatoes and on red leaves - so they're infesting them. Very much like an attack of cyborgs. But they aren't toxic, and they reflect light in the red wavelength - so they appear red. Humans have extracted it from tomoates and other crap to make red food dye. After a while the rings close and it reflects orange light. So if you put these guys on anything and watch them transform, they'll show this red to orange color change - and this is what the Creator cook did with trees, he sprinkled them on leaves, and then bam - look what happens during fall. Pretty neat".

Doctor Hensley and his lab work on these molecules, called Lycopene and Beta Carotene. Hensey won the Nobel Prize last year for his revelatory economics essay - why 'Houston Down and Bound' has lost traffic due to lack of updates, and why texting isn't gender exclusive.

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