What is time?
Well if I wack you in the face - it's gone. How so? 20 years can now be lost, and you remember yourself at 19 and nothing more. (search youtube) Another way, and your in a coma - 20 years hence you'll wake.. and thinking nothing has happened since this vey day.

What are these structures? Why doe Albert Einstein or Morgan Freeman on History Channel's 'Thru the wormhole' think time exits? Time is distance. It's the comparison between crest and trough. Think of this.
Now light emanates thru a wave via tree 20 feet away from you. It travels 677 million miles per hour. Run away from it - it'll never hit you. Come toward it -"thngs" happen faster. (You must meet the waves already on their way towards you, and then the new ones emananting from the source while you travel toward it). Our notion of days has to do with the circumference of the earth. Go somewhere 2 light years away at light speed. Time stops. Come back at light speed - time goes twice as fast. The world is mass in a pool of electromagnetic waves which travel at set distances - our own brain structures measure this distance and make up terms like 'hour/second/day/etc.'

Doesn't it perturb you that the farthest star away from us took 13 billion years for its light to hit us - yet the universe is 13.7 billion years old. If time can be eliminated from structures within - how can it be physically associated with anything outside?

Try sound - any sense. - any difference we associate with time boils down to distance.

ps - Id' rather die than believe a mystic zionist in his 20s, hellbent against the common. got time down to pin point accuracy in god like fashion when he was 21 in the year 1900. (Albert einstein). He never lived to see color television, but the riddles of the universe god specially gave to him, such that he was destined to see for all posterity?. He's my hero - yet I worship him more by suggesting this than sticking to worldly facts 50 years ago.


  1. Nice post. Time is a crazy thing to think about. It's pretty cool to think about how living in a distorted space could affect your perception of time. Looking in one direction might allow you to "see" and even that hasn't happened yet but not matter what you do, you could never prevent the event since it has already occurred.

  2. I found this thing that suggested 'the only thing a man of science has is his reputation' - me and my shananigan theories are ruining any chances I have. The whole 'put your head down, don't say anything, and just work, watch the veterans' idea the author gave was the same Peyton manning says to rookies, lol.