Letter of the day - definition of a badass

Pictured: Marcus Aurelius.
a ruler of land and sea - "a lord and master"

Dear Sirs,

What would be it like to rule the world, to have dominion over every land the four principle winds can even touch? Consider it, engulf the idea, breathe in the concept. Yes, it is remarkable! Indeed, We inhabit now yet a few tens of square yards of land (if you are a home owner), our 'country' inhabits a region north of some continent (if you are a native), but this man ruled regions much greater, for much longer. His age at the time: 20 something. Earthly orbital rotations prior to ours: some 2,000

The letter begging response (a smidgeon)
To Alexander, From Darius

"Behold! I send you a coffer full of gold, and an assload of sesame, to give you by these two objects an idea of the extent of my wealth and power"

and here is the reply... prepare yourself.

To Darius, From Alexander

You have sent me a whip, a ball, a coffer filled with gold, and an assload of seasame. The whip portends that I shall become your ruler.. and dictator. The ball indicates the surface of the earth and the circumference of the globe which shall be under my lieutenants. The coffer of gold.. denotes that your riches shall soon be transfered to me.. In return I send you a kaffis of mustard seed, that you may taste and acknwoledge the bitterness of my victory...

My trust and reliance are in the Lord.

May we aspire to accomplish as great of deeds, and do so without doubt or modesty.

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