New phase

My apologies first off –the author has had an abrupt change in his situation – but the lamp of science must burn. Henceforth, topics covering the world before us will center around another universe – that of the infinitely small.
Though appearing nerdy and some-what trivial – you must understand that the nature of disease, the path to increased lifespan, the ultimate answer to the question ‘what is everything before me truly made?’ is grasped and studied by looking at this window.

Prepare yourselves dear Readers, to investigate this world with me like a modern worker of the gallows:
We shall arrest those secrets that lie before us now hidden, torture them for more answers about this world’s deep mysteries, and then hang false theories and their profiteers, who search for answers in this world for personal gain.

Read on dear Friend – for answers to riddles so orgasmic now await.

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