Things my teacher says - Humans have presevatives? Vitamines are preservatives? Radical traps?

Linus Pauling - who lived until age 93 - recommended 'high doses' of vitamine c to fight off the radical crusader in the air - o2.

  • The oxygen around us is a radical that is reactive.. thru mechanisms it will destroy chains chains called 'polyunsatured' fats - or butter. It will take the hydrogen away -and this reaction is the basis for dairy products going rancid - this is how 'rancid' dairy products works.
  • Napolean wanted a way to have butter sent to his troops to keep it from going rancid, so 'his men' applied hydrogen and platinum.. which will take away one of the double bonds from the polyunsaturated chain, this makes it hard for the oxygen to steal the middle hydrogen to make the food go rancid. "thus this is what partially hydrogenated means when you look at the ingredients section"
  • Preservatives in food are now the child of those first experiments.. they 'preserve' food by putting in chemicals that prevent the chains from become radicals - 'a type of radical trap' - they are molecules that when oxygen attacks become super stable
  • Humans have preservatives in them, also to help against the reactive oxygen in the air - they are called 'Vitamine A, E and C' they are radical traps
  • Anytime you breath pure air at the hospital for a long time it is actually causing damage to the patients lungs, the current atmospheric mixture 80% nitrogen, 20% oxygen is ideal
Humans have preservatives? Vitamins are preservatives? Radical traps?
(Vitamin E is the picture)

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