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" But waving all common utility, all vulgar applications, there is something in knowing and understanding the operation of nature, some pleasure in contemplating the order and harmony of the arrangements belonging to the terrestial system of things. There is no absolute utility in poetry; but it gives pleasure, refines and exalts the mind. Philosophic pursuits have likewise a noble and independent use of this kind; and there is a double reason for pursuing them, for, whilst in their sublime speculations they reach to the heavens, in their application they belong to the earth; whilst they exalt the intellect, they provide food for our common wants and likewise minister to the noblest appetites and most exalted views belonging to our nature. .. It is surely a pure delight to know, how and by what processes, this earth is clothed with verdue and life, how the clouds, mist and rain are formed, what causes all the changes of this terrestial system of things, and by what divine laws order is preserved amidst apparent confusion. It is a sublime occupation to bring the lightning from the clouds and make it subservient to our experiments.. and to measure and weigh those invisible atoms, which, by their motions and changes according to laws impressed upon them by the Divine Intelligence, constitute the universe of things. Whilst he investigates the operations of infinite power guided by infinite wisdom, all low prejudies, all mean superstituions disappear from his mind. " - Sir Humphry

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