1852 to us all - ' The Energies of Nature which are still to be revealed '

" [To the 1852 public] The probable progress of improvement and discovery ought not to be overlooked.We are on the eve of mechanical discoveries still greater than any which have yet appeared; ..
The steam engine itself, with its gigantic powers, will dwindle into insignificance in comparison with the energies of nature which are still to be revealed; and that day will come when that machine, which is extending the blessings of civilization to the most remote skirts of the globe, will cease to have existence, expect in the page of history.
- July 15th, 1852, Front page "Other Scientific Discoveries may supersede Steam:

I think I've only seen a steam engine a few times. Basically water is boiled, the vapor turns a shaft, and those turn the train's wheels - this was lauded as incredible. The problem is the energy from the boiling is in the form of atomic bonds, and energy in the form of heat is lost when it's boiled - only the vapor's speed ('mechanical energy') and pressure turn the shaft. It's fun to hink there's still 'Gold' there, if we can dig into it.

For fun, California just became a state when this was written - it's now 'the most populus in the US. (there were 31 at the time) Ten years after the article is written, Lincoln becomes president. Notables: Henry ford wasn't even born, nor the Wright brothers. It would be another 50 years until the wright brothers invented 'the flying machine'.
PS - That picture is scary as shit