'The endless changes of reality..'

The atoms are infinite in number... they are all alike in quality but differ in shape, order, and position. Every substance, every single object, is made up of those atoms, the possible combinations of which are infinite in an infinity of ways. The objects exist as long as the atoms constituting them remain together; they cease to exist when their atoms move away from one another. The endless changes of reality are due to the continual aggregation and disaggregation of atoms.
- Demokritus, 5th century BC

Do you believe him? (all things are lil balls of charge?)
Consider a table, a massive peice of wood, supposedly the last breath, the last remnaint of some dead tree chopped long ago. Or the computer holding this monitor, its 2 feet of plastic, infinite balls of charge compose these?
What about DJ Pauly D and J Woww? Snooki, the Situation? Or the wisest of them all Vinny? How does this relate to any of it?

Easy. Check it


What your looking at was deemed illegal by the government for 10 years.

There are actually stores who specialize in selling this, and even more oddly, only 5% of the stuff in the damn bottles they sell have this molecule in it! Benjamin Franklin said this molecule's existence is proof "God loves us and wants us to be happy!" This molecule has also ruined peoples lives - and right now, somewhere, a group of people are talking together about how they can change themselves due to this molecule's influence. (It's existence is also why the new Single Ronni had fun on episode one, and made him curse out Sam)

Two carbons, an oxygen, and a few hydrogens, a few lil things - crazy! How can that have such an affect! A few atoms! Blended in water - and you can drink it - and it does crazy stuff ! It's a simple ethanol (alcohol) molecule. Democritus from the grave! It goes into the blood, is taken up into the forest of the brain, and eeks its way into balls and holes of nerve cell receptors and transporters, landing whereever it may - it's just so happens that the nerve cells responsible for 'human will power' and human 'reward' are wooed by this little guy.

How powerful are the atoms!


And I didn't mention the yeast! The simple invisible beasts whose existence was doubted by the common in the 1800s when discovered by Pasteur. They are atom rearranger machines, taking oxygen from the air and sugar, consuming them, their body doing a rearrangement dance, and out in the form of poop comes the elixir of happiness for humans - alcohol!
Democritus baby!

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