"Mountains of Ice about me to Melt"

Betwixt you and me, There exists a poem, Which I write about, On my own.
About numbers, The Pythagorean Flux,
Paintings, Patterns, Gee-Willickers-Shux!
Dont you know, From the Gods of Old,
Everything created, was in Numb3rs mold!
Life, trees..Man with his Urn,
3 Billion years, of DNA pattern!
The Sun, The Moon, The Earth, Our Sky,
The System Repeats, Higher and Nigh!
There's even a rumor, Helen was just a metaphor
What the Trojans stole, Was a repeating decimal!
A repeating pattern, The diameter to Circle relation!
So beautiful was the discovery,War was the Summation!
Let us listen to Senaca, And new relations uncover,
"Our life's a sorry affair, Without something new to discover!"
And we'll heed Van Gogh, who said when he was candid
"True Art is never finished - Only Abandoned"
And Lastly if it's true, Man just creates order from chaos-
Read me and my blog, So now two won't be Lost!!
- F.W. Westaway


  1. Nice work on the blog. Try to integrate this:
    x^6 sin(x)sqrt(x^2+2)
    Over the interval:
    It can be an extra credit problem haha

  2. Let me see. I have a friend who might help me. Maybe it's easy?