I love math

Like a storm cloud that perfumes the horizon, sounds of thunder and bolts of lightning scare the flocks as they run in terror - dark as this it seems is the feeling as I open a new chapter to master. I inhale and prepare for battle with my pen.
Differentiate this polynomial - is that all you've got?
Draw a curve sketch and mark horizontal and vertical asymptotes? Please.
State the 3 requisites for Rolles theorem, state the formal definition for dy, then guesstimate the change in x for this function from 10 to 10.1 - like taking candy from a baby.
I'll dominate this like Achilles, who after he slayed Hektor, roped him, attached him to his carriage, then dragged his dead corpse in circles around his village - as the citizens of Troy watched and gasped in terror.

me, parading around with the corpse of my homework

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