Cosine - Sine - lovers wedded to graviation?

"Let us now consider, for a little while, how wonderfully we stand upon this world. Here it is we are born, bred, and live, and yet we view these things with an almost entire absence of wonder to ourselves respecting the way in which all this happens. So small, indeed, is our wonder, that we are never taken by surprise.. I think to a young person.. the first sight of a cataract or mountain would occasion him more surprise than he had ever felt concerning the mean of his own existence -- how he came here; how he lives; by what means he stands upright; and through what means he moves about from place to place. ." - Faraday, on the Various forces of nature

Curious is the flight of the stone as it descends to the ground - curious is the descent of urinary projectiles as it forms an arch - juvenile amusements aside, it certainly is an interesting reflection to consider how important the cosine and sine functions are. They form beautiful wiggle waggling curves, and it makes one wonder if we weren't being sucked into the center of the earth at 9.8 m/s, if this beautiful curve motion downwards we would've evolved shape-brain cell-recognition patterns for.

As a fun thought, consider the magnitude of the earth, for every reaction there is an equal and opposite. 6 Billion people are applying a force (ma) against the earth while it pushes back. It's able to endure this. and more than that, it is still able to maintain it's inertia while it carries us around the sun now and we notice none of it. Moreover, imagine how big is the sun, how big are others, how big is the galaxy, and the invisible attractions pulling it every which way. Then think of the atom in one finger, somehow it knows to listen to the force of gravitation from some spot millions of miles below the earth(the center), rather than the feeble attraction from that colossus star in the center of the solar system we call the sun (Helios sounds better). There must be more gravitational particles whispering sweet somethings to it from that spot below the earth right now... as opposed to those that managed to make their way here at the speed of light from the sun.

I am a believer with Booker Washington that the biggest sin is speaking simply to speak. so I will skip rambling and relay my ardours - I believe our fascinatioin with certain shapes are entirely and obviously predicated on our earthly living habitations, and our evolved recognition shape cells obviously reflect this - common sense, but interesting are the incites. Chimps can recognize chimp faces the same way we our own species. Bees similar (I believe, have to research the link) More mysteries await the one who thinks more about this.

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